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Public Square (Speaker Phone)
Public Square (Speaker Phone)
Mixed media painting

This is an idea for an Italian film. It is a romantic dream sequence with a dark twist.(fade into this like its in an actual scene in a film)
Well groomed but troubled looking man sits alone outside at a café in a beautiful plaza. With a whispery, pained voice, he ‘s reciting unrequited love poems in Italian to a megaphone type device, which occupies most of the space on the small round table in front of him. His words softly echo on the afternoon facades of the buildings around the plaza, and once in a while, he breaks into a strange, old sounding Italian song, hypnotizing unknowingly all the women in the vicinity. He is too engaged in the singing to notice, but the women are performing a slow, ritualistic dance, in a loose orbit around him. If someone translated his song in the English language, the lyrics would go somewhat like this: “I wish I could push a button and a rope would tie around my neck and I would be hung in the public square the very first day we met/I wish I could push a button and a rope would tie around my ankles and I would be hung out the highest window of the highest skyscraper in the world”.